Industrial Borderlands.

I’ve been looking for a photographic project I can carry out on my doorstep for a while now – one that I can explore slowly, in a more contemplative way, and which lends itself well to medium-format film photography.

There are a couple in the making, one of which I will be kicking off next week, but on Saturday I felt like getting out of London, surrounding myself by nature, and taking time to reflect on what has recently been and gone, and plan for what might lie ahead.

I did none of that, but instead spontaneously started a new photographic project! I didn’t eat, drink or rest for well over 6 hours, as I immersed myself in the idea, and how best to visually represent it. So, what is the idea that inspired me so? To explore areas where nature and the industrial, human-built environment meet.

The unsustainability of our industrial systems – such as for the production of food, clothing, energy, or consumer electronics – is gradually seeping into the public consciousness. From climate change to biodiversity loss, there is an increasing awareness of the impact we are having, the need to reduce this impact, and the need to create more sustainable systems that become regenerative in their nature.

The project will be ongoing, taking place close to wherever I happen to live at the time! The images here are from my iPhone, taken as I explored an area to the north of London, but are not the images taken for the project – for these I’m using a medium-format film camera.

If you know of any visual gems, for now limited to in or around North London, where the industrial borders the natural – the more extreme the better – then please get in touch via email – [email protected]