Artists and their work.

Everyone who engages with members of the public, or other members of their industry, needs a headshot. Be it for your website or latest catalogue, it’s a vital means of visually representing you, your company, and your work.

This is true of artists, as much as any business executive or lawyer. While the use of a solid mid-grey or similar background is commonplace for actors or business people, it’s not the only option.

An environmental headshot or portrait – where the background contributes in some way to the image, providing some context or a visual connection with the work the person does, can help create a more impactful image.

Regardless of which style is explored, the image communicates who you are, what you do, and potentially gives potential clients a glimpse of your work.

Here are a few examples of headshots I’ve taken specifically for artists – all of which were shot in front of some of their work:

Headshots or portraits are some of the most affordable and essential marketing assets you can invest in.

However, for those who have a bigger budget, and wish to communicate more about the work they do, offering potential clients an opportunity to understand more about your practice and the philosophy behind what you create, then the next step would be to commission the production of a short promo video.

This is a short video I produced for abstract landscape artist, Sam Peacock for one of his solo shows:

How you represent yourself visually is a vital aspect of your personal branding, and the promotion of your work. It’s therefore worth investing whatever you can afford into getting images and video content to share and develop your audience.

If you are an artist and would like to commission me to take headshots, document your practice in images or with video, then get in touch on 0790 454 9919, or email me at [email protected]